Cairo Finance is a DeFi Yield Farming Aggregator and Optimizer for the Binance Smart Chain with its own deflationary system.
The greater ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi), particularly the yield aggregators, experienced very significant growth in 2020. From there, optimization opportunities emerged that the team felt poised to innovate upon.
The Cairo protocol was created to provide users with an easy way to automatically compound the returns of their investments made through the Binance BSC Smart Chain (BSC).
What is DeFi?
"DeFi stands for decentralized finance. In simple words it stands for self-custody finance. Unlike traditional finance where a company, bank, fund is responsible for your money, in DeFi no one but you has access to it,
How DeFI works
DeFi, previously referred to as "open finance," takes out the middleman in financial transactions. So instead of having your bank or credit card issuer be the intermediary between you and a merchant when you make a purchase, you use the digital currency and have ownership of it to use directly.
Here are the main tenets of DeFi:
  • There are no intermediaries, so no banks or institutions overseeing your money
  • There's a level of transparency, as the code is available for anyone's review
  • There are open networks that transcend geographic borders
Optimizing returns with the Cairo protocol
Blockchain is undergoing mass adoption right now. New projects are springing up everywhere and advertising high returns. However, most investors don't know their way around very well and invest in black sheep.
This is exactly the point where Horus Farm comes into play. The Horus Farm is an all-seeing eye, which scans all projects on the entire market and finds out the most profitable farms / pools, sorting them by different criteria, like yield and audits.
This automation process makes it possible to achieve higher returns. Because the Horus Farm always jumps to the best apy, which is currently on the market. This provides the advantage of having your money work for you in a completely automated way, without having to log in everyday. In addition, the daily profits are claimed and reinvested. So that the compound interest effect can work for you in a completely automated way.
This information is written in a Smart Contract. The Smart Contract can be thought of as an if-then function. It gives an advantage of no third person having access to your investment and only you keep the access.
So why leave your money in the bank or as coins in your wallet, when you can make your money work for you, regardless of location, through Horus Farm?
Who is behind CAIRO?
The Cairo Project was created by a team of developers and blockchain specialists! Like all other Yield Aggregator Projects, we believe our code is who we are! Thus, we will ensure to provide full transparency and let our code speak for itself.
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