Optimizing returns with the Cairo protocol

Blockchain is undergoing mass adoption right now. New projects are springing up everywhere and advertising high returns.

This is exactly the point where Horus Farm comes into play. The Horus Farm is an all-seeing eye, which scans all projects on the entire market and finds out the most profitable farms / pools, sorting them by different criteria, like yield and audits.

This automation process makes it possible to achieve higher returns. Because the Horus Farm always jumps to the best apy, which is currently on the market.

This information is written in a Smart Contract. The Smart Contract can be thought of as an if-then function.

So why leave your money in the bank or as coins in your wallet, when you can make your money work for you, regardless of location, through Horus Farm?

Compounding Farm

Our smart contracts automatically compound

For these pools, as profit you will be getting the respective LP Token of the pool.


$CAKE Farmers: Deposit CAKE-BNB LP and reap the benefits of the compounding effect. With Simple Interest, for example the APY is 150% for CAKE-BNB, however, if this gets compounded it becomes 347% APY. The assumptions are the following: 1) initial capital is $1m, 2) transaction cost: $1, 3)Compounded Once Daily. The transaction cost assumes it takes 4-5 steps for Cairo to compound deposits.

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