CAIROPAD (Launchpad)

CAIROPAD is a decentralized pre-sale platform accessible to everyone on the Binance Smart Chain and later with a multi-chain solution. Similar to Pancakeswap. Anyone can list their very project and collect funds. Therefore, every user should do self-research before investing in a pool. However, there will be DAO voting, where the community can give ratings (1-5 stars), which will be summarized into an overall rating and will be visible to everyone.
If you lock CAF tokens in Cairo Bank and reach a tier, you will have the opportunity to be part of a project at the very beginning, before it is listed on an exchange, and especially at a lower price.
CAIROPAD is not an investment platform, it's a fundraising platform for young and ambitious crypto projects to achieve their goals and visions faster.
CAIROPAD Vision: To offer the best and easiest launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain. Both potential investors and projects will be able to invest and collect funds without much effort.